Endless Winter

The Bear Clan

The races beyond the Ice Wall Mountains do not refer to themselves as halfling, human, elf, or dwarf. These concepts of race have no meaning here. Instead they are know by their clan. The most powerful of these are the Mountain Clan, Oak Clan, Shark Clan, Wolf Clan, and Bear Clan. The most powerful of the clans is the Bear Clan for they tread where others dare not follow and not only survived but thrived in the cold. Each season they dazzle the clans meet with tails of their adventures and discoveries. In return, the other clans trade their works, supplies, and hospitality. The strongest of the other clans who seek adventure often join them by blood bond or temporary partnership. It is not uncommon for women to attempt to attract their members in hopes of strong offspring. For they are the biggest, strongest and most able to endure in the brutal lands of the north.

. . . . and we call them Orcs.



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